Designer’s Chair very kooolll….

  • Fi’s Rhizome Collection
    Collaboration with Pratt School of Architecture
  • The Rhizome Chair is the next wave in urban outdoor comfort.  No more fighting for shade from the heat of the day or trying to find a comfortable position on a wooden or hard plastic lounger or benches, those days are gone.  Constructed from the latest in sun-resistant textiles that are milled for comfort and sustainability, the Rhizome Chair grants the participant a one of a kind experience in outdoor contentment and coziness

    A special thanks to Katherine Kania, Michael Dalotowski, Isobel Herbold and Dave Irwin who are attending Pratt Institute, School of Architecture.  Their design studio, T.E.N.T. headed by Mark Parsons and Dragana Zoric in partnership with Fabric Images, Inc. created this next generation of relaxation.  The Rhizome Collection is a reality because of this group’s creativity and commitment.  Their focus on creating sustainable architecture that utilizes fabric and lightweight aluminum materials allowed this product to be brought to life and shared with the rest of the world.


  • Rhizome Chair in Brooklyn Bridge Park – 2010