Dog’s Age my Jolie… and the results…

Jolie’s DogAge is 4.2!

That’s 1.8 years younger than the average DogAge for Jolie’s breed.

DogAge is the biological age of your dog, measured in people years. Your dog is as young as she can be! Your dog is lucky to have such a wonderful caretaker. Make your dog even happier by checking out the details of your results below. The highlights of Jolie’s results are below.

Jolie’s DogAge was calculated by adding DogAge benefits and subtracting DogAge costs from the average DogAge for that breed.

Here are the highlights of your results:

Ideal weight

Healthy teeth and gums

Regular vet checkups

Vaccinations Heartworm and/or fleas and ticks prevention

Nonsmoking home

No general health conditions

No canine disease

No infections

No parasitic conditions

Good food quantity control

Proper nutrition

Plenty of exercise

Good training and well behaved

Leash use