Twitter apps for a better twitt

Five free Twitter tools worth bookmarking

by Chris Lake

Earlier today I was asked a question in the office: “What’s that tool for checking out your follower velocity?”

The tool, which I couldn’t immediately remember, is TwitterCounter. It’s not the newest kid on the block but it’s something that we use every month or two, to benchmark our Twitter performance.

As such I thought I’d make a note of it by writing a quick reference post on Twitter tools, which features a few new ones that we’ve recently started to play with (or are about to).


How quickly are you increasing your follower count? Use TwitterCounter to figure out how you’re getting on, and when you’ll hit certain milestones, and to compare your Twitter activity against your peers.


The Archivist

The Archivist scans a chunk of your tweets to unearth some kay facts and figures, including ‘Top Users’ (people you converse with or who retweet you a lot), ‘Top Words’ (common words found in your tweets) and ‘Source’ (popular Twitter clients used by your followers). You can use this tool to look up information on your competitors.

The Archivist pushes out your content onto Twitter (as well as other social platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn, if required). It provides various additional tools to help you enhance your content, as well as stats to give you audience insight.


Tweroid shows you when the best time of day to tweet is, based on when your followers are most active. It can take a couple of hours to process the results, but it’s worthwhile as it may inform when you should be posting to Twitter for maximum exposure.



A simple Twitter-focused app for sharing files. Upload a file and tweet a message via the TwileShare interface. It is currently in beta but there is an email link if you’d like an invitation.





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