The primary use of tablets…

Survey: Tablets primarily used for gaming

by: Ben Silverman

Tablet gaming rules If you own a tablet computer, chances are you’re playing games with it. That’s the take home message from a new survey conducted by Google’s AdMob division. The survey of 1,430 tablet owners found that gaming was far and away the most frequent activity. A surprising 84% of those surveyed claimed they played games, easily outpacing other entertainment choices including music/video (51%) and ebooks (46%). More surprising, however, is that gaming even beat out standard tablet tasks like searching for information (78%), emailing (74%), and reading news (61%).

Though the AdMob survey doesn’t break the data down by specific tablets, it’s pretty clear that the success of the game-friendly iPad has a lot to do with the results. Over 15 millions iPads have been sold worldwide, and games have largely dominated the App Store since day one. Perhaps gaming’s influence will lessen a bit as new devices from the likes of Samsung and Motorola begin rolling out, but it’s unlikely. The survey also noted that, contrary to popular opinion, most tablet owners (82%) primarily use their device at home and that 43% use their tablet more often than their desktop or laptop computers. 77% added that their desktop/laptop usage has dipped since getting a tablet.