Futuristic glasses

“6dpi“. “5dpi”. These futuristic glasses have been designed with a pixelated effect, deliberately reflecting society’s fascination with an “informational aesthetic”. The design clearly refers for late 1980s computerized graphics and video games such as Tetris. While computer images and graphics have been revolutionized over the past two decades, these glasses are reminiscent of society’s digital roots and how technology has inspired
almost everything in use today. Even something as utilitarian as glasses can be transformed using technology. Patented model.
French Photographer Aurelien GODET (www.aureliengodet.com) and Polish Model Monika Ekiert (www.monikaek.book.fr) realized the photoshoot for “Dzmitry SAMAL” eyewear’s collection. Photoshoot Pictures courtesy of Aurelien Godet.

Glasses Produced by DZMITRY SAMAL2010, Patented model. Dzmitry Samal Copyright