Nuevos modelos para Iphone yummie!!!!


iMeshi japanese food iPhone cases

the ‘iMeshi’ cases by strapya for iPhone 4 are made to look like traditional japanese foods

the ‘iMeshi’ cases for iPhone 4, produced japan-based cell phone accessory manufacturers strapya,
put traditional japanese foods in users’ pockets with their realistic plastic models of ramen, mocci, sushi, and other dishes.

new releases for this summer include the ‘cold ramen and ‘unagi don’ (eel on rice) cases,
which retail for around 3,990 yen (50 USD) from the strapya webstore. select ‘iMeshi’ models
are also available for the sony xperia.

current iMeshi models, including the new ‘cold ramen’ case (top right)

the new ‘unagi don’ case for iPhone


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