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The Pink 'Panthermobile'

The Pink ‘Panthermobile’The Pink ‘Panthermobile’, used in the TV series during the 1970’s.

‘Pink Panther’ the movie and TV series which gave us many reasons to laugh our hearts out during the 1970’s, went on to become one of the most memorable franchises for the high quality comic content in it, and also the uniqueness of the characters that were involved. In the TV series, a pink ‘Panthermobile’ featured which caught everyone’s fancy for its abstract design and looks, which is now up for sale yet again. Apart from the eccentrics in brings, it also carries with it decades of cinematic memories so very clearly known to us.


The idea of the car was conceived by master artesian Jay Ohrberg whose credits include the ‘Back to the future’ DeLorean vehicle. After putting this idea together and producing the vehicle, he owned the vehicle till 2007, when it was sold off for an amount of $130,136. Now, the current owner is putting this unique vehicle for sale where estimations about the pricing is said to be in the region of $182,895. Other than the unique design, the care is known for having a complete pink color coordinated body and interiors, except for the steering wheels and tires. The front seat is a solo open-air space meant for the driver, where as the passenger seats are located at the back, under the car’s covered area. Ironically, the engine isn’t functional anymore but plans are being made for refurbishing it yet again so that the new owner may have the pleasure of driving it around town.


The Pink 'Panthermobile'

The Pink ‘Panthermobile’The Pink ‘Panthermobile’

The ‘Panthermobile’ will be showcased at the Chelsea Auto Legends auction later this year, which will have multiple such legendary cars displayed for everyone to view. For lovers of the TV series, this one will hopefully be of prime importance. If you are looking for other such ‘Pinked’ vehicles, and its trend amongst the stars, our piece on customized pink cars would be a fair reference point.