A Dog-Robot nice costume…

AT-AT Dog Costume

Katie Mello, a professional stop-motion character fabricator at LAIKA/house, made this awesome AT-AT costume for her pup, Bones Mello. You can check out her process shot on Bones’ Facebook page. Katie writes, “From the first time we saw Bones, an Italian Greyhound, my husband and I thought he looked like an AT-AT. He has such an unusual shape. Three years later, I finally made him this costume.” Bones has a little hand-sewn and painted “speed suit” topped with body pieces made out of 1/4″-thick foam sheets. Katie ensured that the costume would be cozy for Bones by sewing a soft fake fur lining into the light body piece. The little canons on the sides of his head are too cool, and he’s clearly ready for action!


Our friend Bonnie Burton interviewed Katie on the Star Wars blog to get the inside scoop on how the costume was made, how Bones likes wearing it, and what other costumes he has. What a lucky dog!



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