About me and my work

Editorial photography, portraits, art reproduction, product shoots, publicitary, etc…
Large format (4×5) medium format (6×6) 35 mm, digital, scanning, piezography pieces, art printing, retouching, etc…
I am looking forward, to communicate with the people through my work such as photo and video, I have participated in many exhibitions. . I work a lot with my computer, and digital media, and also have worked with mixed media, integrating old techniques with the new ones, making digital negatives, and transfering with old techniques such as engraving, also trying to keep the conservation of the artworks.
I also would like to to teach these techniques to a popullation that have no ways to access to it. I have worked in past years with  low income children, in Mexico city and Acapulco, Guerrero, they are so willing to learn anything that we can bring to them. I know its difficult, because of the lack of computers and other media means, but through video and maybe the internet they will have the means to do it.

COMPETENCIAS: Habilidades artísticas, trabajo bajo presión, toma de decisiones, negociación, creatividad , solución de problemas, manejo de personal, relaciones interpersonales , trabajo en equipo, emprendedora,
proactiva , dinámica, motivadora, actitud de servicio , coordinación de personal a cargo , administración y coordinación de proyectos.
Funciones principales en el diseño y desarrollo de la fotografia para portadas, guia de vinos, secciones fijas, publicidad e inserciones pagadas.

He seguido cooperando con artistas plásticos para la creación de otros libros de autor, así como inventariando obra de arte de particulares.

•  Termine el diseño asi como la fotografia para un libro de autor y corte artistico plástico que esta impreso. (Febrero 2009)
• 2007 Segundo Lugar en el concurso de fotografia del Colegio de Pilotos Aviadores de Mexico. http://www.colegiodepilotos.org.mx/ganadores-foto.htm
• En 2007 colabore con el DIF del DF para dar talleres a 550 niños aprox. en sus instalaciones de foto
• Fotoreportajes
• En 2006 tuve la coordinacion editorial de un libro de registro fotográfico en Colaboración del Museo Carrillo Gil, revisión de fotos escaneadas, coordinación con impresor etc…
• He participado en la elaboración de folletos asi como en otras publicaciones
Asi como en entrevistas a personalidades.

Editorial work, editorial designing, Photoshop.
Abilities: Artistic, work under pressure, goal achievement, negotiation, creativity,
problem solutions, interpersonal relations, group work, enterprising, proactive, dynamic, service attitude, personal coordinator in charge, administrator and coordinator on projects. Excellent presentation.

Skills: Office, Outlook, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, mac platform, linux, pc.


Televisa, S.A. de C.V.
Av. Vasco de Quiroga #2000 Edif. D. 3rd floor Col. Santa Fe México, D.F. 01210
TV Entertainment
Business phone 52612000
JOB: Ad commercial assistant at Channel 4 Canal de la Ciudad de México
Start Date: June 2008 Still working as freelance
Main work, presentations in PowerPoint, attending appointments with future clients, budgeting and planning TV advertising campaigns. Following clients requirements.

Grupo Editorial Medios Inteligentes, S.A. de C.V.
Av. Tecamachalco 147-B Col. Lomas de San Isidro
México, D.F. 11650 Publications
Business phone 52024488
JOB: Photographer and Journalism freelance
Start Date: Sept. 1999
Still working
Main work in charge of cover Shots, inside interviews, portraits, advertising, and photojournalism.

Freelance Photographer
* Nowadays I am working in a author book of art pieces, photos and design already printing.
* Second award winner in the 60th anniversary of the Colegio de Pilotos Aviadores de Mèxico Photo contest 2007. http://www.colegiodepilotos.org.mx/ganadores-foto.htm
* 2008 I participated with governmental DIF del DF a nonlucrative institution for the well being of young children, giving them photo classes, for a week aprox. 550 children.
* Photojournalism
* I had the editorial coordination of a booklet made in collaboration of Mexican Museo Alvaro Carrillo Gil
* Have done wine booklets, participated in a sports magazine, and also in Musical Groups reviews
Work with many plastic artists in the reproduction of their artwork.

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6 thoughts on “About me and my work

  1. Muchas felicidades, el trabajo que haces al trabajar con gente de bajos recursos para integrarlos al mundo moderno (internet) es realmente loable, muchas felicidades. Desafortunadamente me regrese a la ciudad de McAllen, Texas y no podre asistir a tu presentacion ,lo cual realmente me gustaria. Solo te pido, si es posible, guardaras uno de tus libros para posteriormente recogerlo , en verdad me gustaria tenerlo (autografiado, claro esta)
    Eduardo Juarez

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